How to Be a Christian

Have you felt the tug of the spirit of God on your life. If you express the belief in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you are entering the life of a Christian through faith. Faith is an essential part of your personal life. If you have chosen to become a Christian, but you don’t know whether there is more to do or not, this article will shed some light on your new life in Christ. Becoming a Christian is easy and does not require elaborate rites and rituals in most Protestant churches (simply your Baptism). In the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, the Sacraments welcoming you into the Church are more involved, and you need to seek proper spiritual guidance (such as from a priest) in these Churches. Your new beginning, however, follows the personal development discussed below.


  1. See your need of Jesus – take a look at the ten commandments for a moment. Have you ever lied? stolen (even something small)? looked with lust (God sees this as adultery. Matthew 5:27-28)? Hated someone (God sees this as murder. Matthew 5:21-22)?. If you have, God sees you as a lying, thieving, adulterous, murderer at heart. You have to face God on judgment day to give an account of your sins. If you die in your sins, God has to send you to hell called the second death for transgressing His law. However, He sent Jesus to die on the cross as a sacrifice for you so that you wouldn’t have to go to hell if you accept Him, repent of your sins, and serve God.
  2. Believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again for your sins from the dead to pay the penalty for your sins and make you right with God.
  3. Express repentance to God – Simply verbalize your regret for all the ways you have fallen short of his holiness. This is a good time to admit your personal failure and disobedience to God. Believe that Jesus Christ forgives you.
  4. Express reliance upon God – Specifically, confess your spiritual need and personally acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  5. Find a community – We cannot walk alone in this life. It is important that as a Christian you find a group of supportive Christian believers who can help you and encourage you in your new faith and trust in God.
  6. Be baptized – Baptism is a sign of coming into the community of Christ. It is not work that you have to do to earn salvation; it is a sign or symbol of God’s work in your life.
  7. Continue your walk – After you have accepted Christ, fellowship with him in your daily life by praying, reading the Bible, and following Christ’s example.
  8. Love – Love Jesus and love others with the love that Jesus gives you. These things reflect your changed heart, and love one of the most important aspects of a Christian life.

Two Simple Keys

  1. Learn about Jesus and believe that He died, rose from the dead as your Savior and then pray and repent to the one, true God saying: “I am sorry for my sin, all my wrong doing; I want to change, and I truly thank you for everything and that I am now forgiven and saved from the penalty for my sins as a free gift, in Jesus’ name.”
  2. Tell others that “There is one Christ Jesus, the Son of God, who is Lord and Savior for everyone who believes, repents and follows him:” which should include going to Christian meetings, being baptized as a sign of accepting your new life, praying to God, reading the Bible, and showing God’s love by kindness, forgiving others, making peace, fellowshipping with believers, and when you sin asking for, and accepting, forgiveness, expecting consequences for some wrongs and going on, all in Christ Jesus’ name — with God as the one, true Judge of all things good or bad.


  • The Holy Bible states that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”(Romans 3:23). In other words, each and every person has done wrong.


  • Romans 6:23 continues, “The wages sin pays is death,but the gift God gives is everlasting life by Christ Jesus our Lord.”
  • Because God loves us, He sacrificed His Son, Jesus Christ, as propitiatory sacrifice for our sins, in order for us to be able to approach God in prayer and to come into a personal relationship with Him.
  • The Holy Bible documents the redemptive works of God in this world.
    • The Christian Bible contains 66 books divided into two categories of Old Testament and New Testament.
    • The first four books of the New Testament are called the Gospels because they record the “good news” of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
    • The book of John is generally recognized as a good place to start to understand the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • When reading the Bible, don’t just read pages.
    • Reading pages just to look good and think you’re doing a good thing is not the point.
    • Simply study small portions at a time, or as much as you can mentally “absorb” without being overwhelmed.
  • You will find it helpful to continue to learn who Jesus says He is and what He has done.
    • It is extremely helpful to examine the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
    • You will want to learn how His sinless condition, His unjust execution and His resurrection from the dead transact forgiveness for those who believe in Him.
  • To all true Christians, Christianity is not a religion; it’s a personal relationship with Jesus as your friend and comforter: the one mediator between God and man.
  • You may find it helpful to talk to a Christian. Choose someone that you respect for his or her integrity and knowledge as a Christian.
  • Remember that God is always there for you. You can talk to Him any time, through prayer.
  • Know that when you become a true Christian, you will have a new attitude toward sin.
    • You should hate the sin that you used to love.
    • God will give you a new heart with new desires when you repent of your sins and turn to Him.
  • Remember God loves you no matter what.
  • Warnings

    • There are some branches of Christianity which have unstable doctrine. Seek out a Christian church that teaches from the Bible. Find books on early church heresies and learn how they were found unreliable.
    • You need to repent of your sins. Without true repentance, you cannot become a Christian.
    • Although you may have been told that when you become a Christian: things will get better; your marriage will heal; you won’t be sick ever again; all problems in life will be absolved, etc.; that is simply untrue. Jesus said that because they hated Him, people will also hate you (Matthew 24:9). You may be mocked, laughed at and persecuted. Don’t let this get you down. This life doesn’t last very long, and your reward is great in heaven.
    • Don’t try to do things to earn your way to heaven because being saved is not by working. Your righteous deeds are like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6).
    • Beware of the emergent church, contemplative spirituality, and ecumenism which sometimes compromise God’s word, so then “Let every man be a liar, yet God’s word holds true.” To compromise God’s word is heretical, and you are advised to be very careful to never do that. See “sources and citations” below for a link to a website that is very helpful in this area.
    • Remember that all human beings are incomplete, sinful people. When you sin, repent of your sins to God and move on.
    • There are many non-believers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them. If they’re not agreeable, then don’t talk about it too much with them as it will become awkward or argumentative. Be a peacemaker!
    • Have you ever sinned? Do you want to feel free from your guilt and receive forgiveness? Can you believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again from the dead for your sins to pay the penalty for your sins and make you right with God.
    • If you feel the need for change in your life and want to be free from the oppression of your sins and want to learn to live a better life without the burdens of your past then visit a Christian church and take a look at the bible verse John 3:16 “For god so loved the world that he gave his only son (Jesus) that whoever believes in him shall not die but will have ever lasting life.” This means that God sent his son Jesus to take on the burden of our sins and free us through our trust and belief in him.

    Things You’ll Need

    • The good news of Jesus Christ as savior of all those who freely accept God’s plan
    • Accepting the basic doctrine of Christ’s redemptive death and resurrection
    • Firm knowledge of your sins forgiven resulting in your new life in Christ
    • Your gift from God in a daily walk with Christ: “by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God…” Ephesians 2:8-9


    Sources and Citations

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