Obama, Abortion, Eugenics and Mothers Day – The Patriotic Resistance

Quoted from http://www.resistnet.com/profiles/blogs/obama-abortion-eugenics-and:

Obama, Abortion, Eugenics and Mothers Day – The Patriotic Resistance

Obama, Abortion, Eugenics and Mothers Day

Obama, Abortion, Eugenics and Mothers Day:

Almost immediately after his election, but prior to his taking the oath of office B. Hussein Obama selected his buddy and abortion advocate Rahm Emanuel to be his Chief of Staff. During his first week in office Obama overturned the Mexico City Policy. A policy that had prevented US tax payers from funding abortions around the world

Rather than urge Americans to appreciate the beauty and sanctity of human life, Obama used the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade as a celebration of the 50,000,000 plus abortions perform since then.

The first one hundred days of the Obama presidency were white washed by the media and all of his pro-abortion actions, such as promoting embryonic stem cell research with tax payer money were not mentioned. Obama is overturning pro-life conscience protections, that keep pro-life medical professionals from having to perform abortions. And, one day after doing this B. Hussein Obama made Kathleen Sebelius head of Health and Human Services, despite her support of a late term abortion butcher in Kansas.

Obama has given 50,000,000 dollars to the United Nations Popullation Control Agency, that works with the Chinese and other countries, providing forced abortions and forced sterilizations. Keep in mind all of this is being done with tax payer dollars, money we have earned.

In March Planned Parenthood, the nations largest pro-abortion provider and advocate, funded with tax payer funds, was allowed to attend the White House Health Care Summit. No pro-life groups were invited or allowed to attend, in direct violation of the equal protection section of the US Constitution. Keep in mind that in April the Department of Homeland Security, that reports directly to the President, released a report calling pro-life and people of faith potential domestic terrorists.

Obama’s first judicial appointment to the 7th Circuit Court is pro-abortion and we can expect more of the same with a Supreme Court opening coming up. The new universal healthcare bill (www.pnhp.org/nhibill/nhi_bill_final.PDF) allows for the governmental committee, selected by the President and including at least two union officials (now that is what I want, a couple longshoremen deciding if I get treatment), to decide the level of treatment one gets. So, if you are poor and pregnant, you may have to have an abortion, or the government may not pay for your care. People will argue that this couldn’t happen, but they also said the Titanic wouldn’t sink, Obama wouldn’t attack the Constitution and pigs would never fly (but we now have a hybrid bird flu/swine flu).

Get mad. Get Active. Stop the madness before it is too late.

Bill Turner
Idaho State Director

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