Obama’s Two Dads

In the 100 years of Father’s Days, not one President had ever used the occasion to push a political agenda. Until now. In what has been a traditionally non-newsworthy event, the White House issued a proclamation yesterday honoring U.S. dads. Proving that nothing is sacred–not even fatherhood–the President couldn’t resist a shout-out to his homosexual base, marring what should have been a powerful acknowledgement of the family’s importance in American life. Recognizing that "nurturing families come in many forms," President Obama intentionally included "two fathers" in that list, an obvious overture to the rich homosexual donors who have been driving much of his legislative agenda lately. This is not only a departure from the societies norm, but a radical shift even from the White House’s 2009 statement, which singled out "surrogate fathers" who help "raise, mentor, or care for someone else’s child." In an age when 24 million children are growing up without a father at home, the President’s focus should be on the relationship of fathers to their children, not to their partners. This detour to promote homosexuality injects division into an issue that demands the attention of every community and political party. If there’s to be any relief from this rising trend of absentee dads, the promotion of fatherhood will have to come before the promotion of the President’s extreme social agenda. Instead, this administration is chipping away at the family with laser-like precision. It made the same overture to homosexuals last month on Mother’s Day, but no one picked up on the President’s nod in all of the media frenzy over Elena Kagan’s nomination. Sadly, the real victims of his agenda are the children, who, social science shows, do best with a married mother and father. Kids need the influence of both genders, and no two people–however loving they may be–can fill the void that’s created when you intentionally deprive them of a mom or dad. Unfortunately, there’s a vacuum in our culture that’s allowing the President to push this agenda. The breakdown of the family has created an opening for the Left to barge in and seize on those weaknesses. That’s why it’s so important for America–and churches, in particular–to renew their commitment to strengthening and upholding marriage. This kind of change isn’t up to Congress or the White House. It’s up to each one of us to take responsibility for our families.

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