Should States Have Authority to Ban Handguns?

It is in our constitution, 2nd Amendment, which is the right to bear arms. They, have been trying in various states to keep it’s citizens from having guns. Washington, D.C., New York, New Jersey as so on. We need to have the constitution adhered to, so this is the federal government’s duty. They don’t want us to have guns, this administration, but they will try something else since the Supreme Court ruled that the states can not regulate the guns, because by the constitution we have the right to bear arms. Obama and his group are trying to do away with our governments checks and balances. The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch. He by-passes when he can get away with it, as he just did as Congress was out for break, he appointed the person to head the Health Care that he jammed through and he does what he can, like his trying to take over the Supreme Court. He is ruling like a dictator, and he is at work 24 hours 7 days a week, always, deceiving and under the table dealing to take away more of our freedoms. This is why we have to support the Constitution of the Untied States. He is out to divide us and he is doing a great job of doing just that. Keep praying!!!!! GOD, is the only one that can fix this problem. We have to PRAY and TRUST HIM, and do what we are called to do, hold up a standard against all of this and share Christ with all we come in contact with.

Love and Prayers,


PS Congress, the (Legislative Branch) of government, is to be answerable to the people of their districts. They are politicians, and they all need to be thrown out and only those that listen to the people, put into office. These rich, fat cats, politicians, are living off the tax payers money and they have gotten so enamored so much with themselves and their life style, they have lost touch with the common man. This is why Jesus came as a regular person, not a king, so he could relate to what the common man was going through. We are suffering in this country because GOD is allowing all of this to bring us to our knees. II Chronicles 7:14 tells us how to get out of this mess. Man wants to be in charge, and GOD is laughing at man, as he continues to shake his fist in GOD’S face. One of these days, GOD is going to say, enough is enough.

Keep your lamp trimmed, our time of redemption is near!

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