Good-Bye Southern AZ!!!!

The ‘wooden’ posts are temporary so that BLM could get the signs out quickly, guessing it was a result of the most recent shooting (last Monday) at Mile Post 150.

No more camping south of I-8. ………
So, our government has surrendered and ceded part of Arizona to the

smugglers and cartels of Mexico???

This is a real sign here in AZ just off I-8.

Folks, this nation better wake up and pay attention. This is only the
beginning of what you can expect in YOUR backyards.

This is not an exaggeration: I stopped hiking some of my favorite
mountains and canyons because of the smuggling dangers. Who wants to
carry more guns and ammo than water in order to survive in the Arizona
desert? That is what it has become. Maybe your state is next?

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