Walt Minnick Shows His Progressive Colors

By John Anderson

Recently a number of Congressman Minnick’s constituents took him to task on the issue of signing on to Congressman King’s petition to repeal “Obamacare”. Mr. Minnick takes every opportunity to tell Idahoans that he voted against this ridiculous and
unconstitutional piece of legislation, so we thought it only appropriate that he join with Republicans, as a “so-called Moderate Democrat” in demanding the repeal of the law. The response we received from Congressman Minnick was both predictable and
telling. It’s a classic case of the “Potomac Two-Step”, agreeing with the constituent and then shrinking from a principled position in order to accommodate his political loyalties.

To wit, Congressman Minnick said, in his response to me (others as well), “Like you, I do not believe that the bill passed by Congress was the right approach to reforming our health care system. It does little to address the underlying problems in our health care system that have caused premiums to increase at an unsustainable rate, bankrupting Idaho families and stifling small businesses, and will add billions of dollars to our national debt.”

However, he immediately pivots to his progressive and cowardly
political roots to say this; “However, that bill did pass and was signed into law. I understand that you support repealing the bill in its entirety. I do not believe that it will be possible to fully repeal the bill. Even if a bill to repeal the law were able to pass Congress, the President would still have the authority to veto the legislation. I believe a better approach is to fix the portions that are fiscally unsustainable and improve the cost controls to provide the relief that the American people desperately need.” Walt? May I call you Walt? Exactly which portions of this monstrosity would you “fix”? Would you eliminate the oppressive “Healthcare Exchange” that creates a massive and unaccountable federal bureaucracy that is designed to put private insurance
companies out of business and dictate to citizens what they can buy? That, Walt, is the German model of course. By the way, it’s bankrupting Germany and they are moving away from it. To add a touch of reality to this statement, I spent over 22 years working for a German healthcare company, who’s German employees are taxed, in total, at about 60-70% of their income for this very same government healthcare model. I asked one how he selected his physician, once he selected a plan. His response; “We just look for the shortest line”. Gee, Walt, perhaps there is a lesson in that candor. Would you eliminate the approximately 16,000 new IRS employees who will now be tasked with hounding American citizens to make sure that we comply with an unconstitutional law that requires, for the first time in American history, that a citizen must buy something from a private company or be fined or imprisoned? Given your professed fiscal conservativism, and the fact that federal employees make, on average, $20-$30,000 dollars more in salary and benefits than their private sector counterpart, do you think that adding another 16,000 of these arrogant and intrusive bureaucrats is good money management? Would you eliminate the massive latitude that the Secretary of DHS has been given to ration healthcare (It’s in the Bill, Walt. Read it for yourself)? Given that the Medicare/Medicaid administrators have openly said this new healthcare reform will bankrupt both of these programs and states, rather than “save money”, as you, Reid, Pelosi and Obama promised it would, how exactly would you fix this massive power grab? Now that we are beginning to see a
couple of states using the fuzzy language in the law to use taxpayer money to fund abortions, exactly how would you fix that? Would you now want to add the Stupak Amendment, which mirrored the Hyde Amendment that for 30 years, prevented this use of our money to take the life of the unborn? We doubt that, since you voted against the Stupak Amendment during the legislative process, didn’t you? President Obama’s “Executive Order” to prevent this doesn’t seem to be working. Gee, what a surprise. We can go on, but alas, what for? The reality is this. Walt Minnick only voted “NO” on this bill because his vote was not needed to pass it originally. When Pelosi and Planned Parenthood needed Walt’s vote to stop the Stupak Amendment, he voted with the Speaker and abortion clinics. When Pelosi needed Walt’s vote to move this bill to the floor, in a process called “Cloture”, Walt dutifully complied with his orders and voted “YES”. The reality of Walt Minnick is painfully clear. He is a classic progressive, liberal Democrat that has been hijacked by socialists and Marxists, and the moderate voices of the past within the Democratic Party have become an anecdote in history. Walt Minnick is not a moderate. Walt Minnick is a true progressive and his response to us on the “Obamacare” issue is proof positive that this is true. Oh, and Walt, to your point that because Obama might veto any repeal of the bill, you can’t sign on to Kings petition, we offer this perspective. If more “moderate Democrats who felt this law was the wrong one for America, would align with Republicans to reverse it, Obama’s veto could not be sustained. Alas, the repeal petition is a principled position, win or lose. Your weak and insincere response to our legitimate request is an insult to us and we reject it, Sir. The corrupt, socialist agenda of this President and this Democratic majority represents a clear and present danger to American liberty and free enterprise. You have chosen to stand with Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the socialists within your party, rather than with Americans and the Constitution you took an oath to protect and defend. You need to be removed from office in November and I, for one, will be at the poles early.


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