KKPZ is airing the anti-Trinitarian, unorthodox ministry of Ronald L. Dart

Dear Brother John,

Thank you for sending James Autry’s response to my concern that KKPZ is airing the anti-Trinitarian, unorthodox ministry of Ronald L. Dart. They are also airing the Dawn Bible Students program Frank and Ernest. How a Christian station can air a ministry that denies/attacks the deity of our Lord Jesus, the Holy Trinity, and other orthodox teachings of the Christian faith is a real shame. If you know the teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, then you Will know the teachings of the Dawn Bible Students
I am not surprised that Mr. Autry and those listening to Dart’s Program Born To Win, do not know where he is coming from. The email below will show some of his unorthodoxy. This is just an example. Mr. Autry has Dart’s link of his confession of faith. This is where those can be duped, if you don’t understand Dart’s teachings. First you can read "buss words" to Armstrong teaching. Second, this is standard phraseology for those who deny the Holy Trinity. Take for example Chuck Swindoll’s statement of Faith http://www.insight.org/about/beliefs.html Chuck airs on Crawford stations.

Mr. Autry states "I have never heard anything in error on Dart’s broadcasts, nor have any listeners called, which happens when any program teaches anything that is out of line with the Bible. Our listeners are very good at exposing error" The problem is that Dart does not discuss his unorthodox teachings on the air. If those listening knew Dart’s real teachings, I hope KKPZ would be flooded with calls. Dart has now been cancelled from twenty four Christian stations. Should not this cause for alarm? I also would like to point out that another Armstrong off-shoot is airing their program The Wonderful World Tomorrow on Crawford station KCBC 770 AM. They even have a picture of Herbert W. Armstrong at http://www.cog-eim.org http://www.cog-eim.org/hwarmstrong.html

Many other points could be brought up concerning these three anti-Trinitarian ministries. One thing is sure, they want nothing to do with historic Christianity. By the way, WCHR did not allow Born To Win to air.

I trust this information will be helpful, and that Crawford broadcasting will do what’s right, before even more be mislead.



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