Talking about The Obama’s Uncomfortable Vacation…

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The Obama’s Uncomfortable Vacation…

I have many words that I can describe the vacations of both Michelle and Barrack Obama.  I will start with the first one which is uncomfortable.  I would imagine that anyone who watches the first couple, republican or democratic, has to be uncomfortable with the recent separate vacations involving the first family. 

Defenders of the first family, cite that the first lady needed to help a friend grieve.  That’s the first trial balloon being floated from the white house to explain the president celebrating his 49th birthday alone in Chicago.  Never one to party alone, President Obama had dinner with Oprah and played a pickup basketball game with NBA stars.  "I’m glad he feels our pain."    Funny most of us are spending less and trying to save more.  The president must be immune to the economic downturn afflicting most Americans. 

While the president was shooting hoops, the first lady was spending our money.

Let me give you a few details on the cost to taxpayers for first lady to vacation in Spain.  According to MSNBC, the round trip plane ride will cost us 150,163 dollars, the 5 day secret service tab will cost 95,500 dollars.  Never mind the bill for housing, feeding and other incidental costs associated with this trip. Insensitve would be another word I would use to describe the trip to Spain. 

The current number of American receiving food stamps is close to forty million.  That’s an all time record that will continue to rise.  Let’s not forget the unemployment rate that’s hovering around 9.5 percent.  When you figure in folks that have given up or underemployed the figure rises to almost 20 percent.   I would not want to forget the record number of our fellow country men that are losing their homes due to foreclosures.  Then again, it’s tough being the first spouse. 

Chuck Todd, a reporter with NBC, was put in an uncomfortable position today as he tried to describe the thought behind this vacation.  According to Todd, this was the first lady’s decision and it would not matter who thought it was a bad idea, she was going to Spain!  So it doesn’t matter what’s good for the country, it’s all about Michelle?  She’s a compassionate and selfless role model that we can all believe in!   Didn’t the democrats criticize the Bush family for being out of touch with average Americans?  (Is Ketchup still a vegetable and what’s the price of a gallon of milk?)   How can anyone argue that the Obama’s understand the fear and plight of the people that elected them? 

The message being sent by the first family is that they could care less about the people who are suffering economically.  The presidency is a lifestyle not a job.  The Obamas’ have yet to realize it’s about the people and not about them.  Your life is not normal when you live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  How about touring the Gulf Coast and using the media attention to help revitalize that troubled region?  Those actions would speak louder than any words spoken.

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