By Jan Markell

December 15, 2010

Can I speak from the heart? I am trying to be positive in spite of the fact that wind chill temps here in Minnesota likely resemble the temps on Mars or Saturn. Houses and cars are buried in snow. Our famous domed football stadium made national news as it couldn’t even survive the onslought of snow and cold so we Minnesotans wish the global warming myth were true.

But if you hadn’t noticed, the saints are under particular attack these days. The trials and testings seem to never end. One writes, Due to trials, God remains a complete mystery to me. Yet thankfully we have the promise of Heaven and Christ waiting for us and the constant heart of God with us as we struggle and grieve.

Another writes, Thanks to your prompting, Jan, I try to maintain the eternal perspective and get my eyes and mind off of this earth. The enemy has come against my family but we are not giving up hope. All is, however, a great struggle.

People around the globe are waiting on God. Let none who wait on You be ashamed (Ps. 25:3). Those waiting may be sick, weary, solitary, discouraged, perplexed, and frightened. God seems silent. Some are disappointed in God. Yes, waiting can seem like an eternity but let none of you be ashamed.

So why are the saints being pounded? Here are some thoughts:

* We are in the last of the last days and the enemy would render us ineffective in sharing the gospel while there is still time. If we focus on our issues only, we lose sight of the lost as well as our assignment in these last days.

* You are doing something incredibly right. You need to be stopped or at the least, rendered less effective. Your testimony must be squelched.

* God is allowing the trial so you will learn to wait on Him. Some are asked to wait for days; some for months; others, for years. In my book, Waiting for a Miracle, I had to wait 20 years to hurdle the "chronic fatigue syndrome." My ministry was interrupted and my quality of life totally tanked those years. But I did learn to wait. Finally, God intervened and removed the affliction. I do recommend this book to you if you are waiting, struggling, doubting God, and more.

* What is called the "remnant" is particularly hard hit. The remnant have a love for truth and love to pass it on. The enemy wants truth to be withheld because then one is susceptible to being deceived. The remnant is waking people up and thus the heavy guns are pointed at them. If they get distracted by trials, they are distracted from spreading both the gospel and the truth. The remnant is small in number but nonetheless, powerfully effective.

* Satan wants us all to doubt. Most today even doubt the concept of "the blessed hope" of Titus 2:13

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