Obama, Clinton, Piven, Ayers, Dohrn and Soros behind Middle East Meltdown

Obama, Clinton, Piven, Ayers, Dohrn and Soros behind Middle East Meltdown

Posted by Twana Blevins on February 7, 2011 at 10:23am in Fascist/Marxist/Communist Heavy Handed Government Actions The Patriots News
Source: Managing Editor – (2/7/11)

Aside from the systemic government waste of private resources the world over, why is the entire free world in economic collapse while the entire Middle East is in total meltdown, promising to place the most dangerous region of the globe under radical Islamic rule?

And with every western nation on economic suicide watch, is it a coincidence that the Middle East is imploding at just the moment in history when it could force every free nation to live under the boot of international Marxists?

Such massive seismic shifts in world power structure are never a coincidence. If you keep digging, sooner or later, you will find those responsible. In this case, it is Barack Obama – Bill and Hillary Clinton – their old friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and their friendly economic wrecking ball George Soros.

The Beginning

President Bill Clinton welcomed PLO terrorist Yasser Arafat to the White House and began an assault on U.S. ally Israel as a known Palestinian terrorist leader partied with Bill and Hillary Clinton. The events that followed would include renewed terror strikes on Israeli soil and the Clinton form of democracy rising up in the Palestinian territories.

The Palestinian people democratically elected world renowned terror organization Hamas to lead their new government and the peace process was forever ended.

The Bush era War on Terror put every terror organization on earth on the run, in response to the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. Terror organizations fled from country to country, jumping in and out of confrontations with U.S. led forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. This operation made it very difficult for terror organizations to settle in one spot and regain a foothold almost anywhere on earth.

But when Barack Obama took office in January 2009, calling a worldwide end to Bush’s "War on Terror," these regimes were able to quickly reconstitute and set up operations throughout the Middle East.

Since then, Tunisia has collapsed and is soon to be controlled by terror organization Al Qaeda and the Tunisian Islamist Party, led by founder Rachid Ghannouchi, the so-called democrat of Islam. Those who know the Quran know that there is nothing democratic about Islam, just like there is nothing democratic about socialism.

Lebanon has fallen to Islamic terror organization Hezbollah. Yemen, site of the Al Qaeda attack on the USS Cole on Bill Clinton’s watch, in which 17 American soldiers were killed, is today an operational center for Al Qaeda, among other terror groups and Marxist regimes.

As Human Events chronicles, "There is a rebellion in the north with Iran-sponsored Shia radicals, and a Marxist succession movement in the south. Part of the country is also controlled by an al Qaeda affiliate in the southwestern corner of the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen is strategically important to the U.S. as an ally because al Qaeda has made it a base of operations."

Today Like the Palestinian territory, Tunisia, Yemen and Lebanon, Egypt is under assault and about to collapse into the arms of yet another Islamic terror group, the Muslim Brotherhood. This is community organizing at its best folks…

Jordan and other Arab nations in the region are rushing to replace their own regimes before Islamic terror groups ignite a protest for so-called democracy against their governments. They all see the writing on the wall, as President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cut pro-west dictators loose across the Middle East, and allow terror organizations to claim control of their governments.

Some claim that this is out of gross ignorance and inept policies in the Obama administration, asserting that Obama and Clinton are simply "totally clueless" in managing foreign policy and international affairs. I too, believe that both Obama and Clinton are in way over their heads, as should be expected from politicians with otherwise blank resumes void of achievement, particularly from the teleprompter-in-chief.

But what about the people who pull their puppet strings? Do they know what they are doing?

The Common Thread

Not so fast… there is a common thread running through all of these unlikely events. The following people have been traveling in and out of these countries, busily "community organizing" for years, but in particular, the weeks preceding the protests and sudden collapse of these governments.

LibertyArchives | February 05, 2011

Obama’s calls for the resignation of Mubarak come as no surprise to anyone who’s been watching this to any length at all. It’s well worth going into who the players are, in this attempted revolution:
1) April 6 and Kifaya kicked off the rebellion, and the Muslim Brotherhood is sustaining it. These are the trademark Brzezinski/Soros puppets that are always used to kick off these ‘UN soft power revolutions’: NGOs, student groups and leninist vanguards attached to Wall Street foundations (in this case, the Freedom House Foundation, the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict and the International Crisis Group). It’s the same MO as in all other color revolutions – for ex., Tunisia, Iran and the Ukraine.
2) The coordinating factor here is the International Crisis Group, a UN front staffed by people such as Brzezinski, Soros, Wesley Clark, Solana, Shimon Peres and, of course, El Baradei. This is the guy who was chosen to take over. The motive here is to install a puppet islamo-socialist regime similar to the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Baradei is the guy chosen to bring it in, and the Muslim Brotherhood will be its pillar and its sustaining force.
3) The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) deserves a section of its own here. The MB has always been the prime British intelligence asset in the region, being instrumental during the Nasser affair. It’s an incredibly important player in the entire Middle East, given the power of its influence networks; its function has always been to take leadership over the Sunni and get an anti-Shia Jihad going. This divide & rule game has helped keep the region in tension ever since WWII, and is now being played out like never before. For NATO, these MB ghouls are the ‘good’ radical Muslims: they’re ardent Fabian socialists, at their inner circle, and they’re the ones who provided the man power and the ground networks to set up the NATO protectorates of Kosovo, Albania, and Bosnia.
The MB was also the breeding ground for characters like Ayman al Zawahiri and many other organizers of Qaeda, during the 80s. There is no reason whatsoever to suppose their cooperation has somehow ended, in the meantime (that cooperation was alive and well in 2001), yet that subject is rarely, if ever discussed, on the mainstream.
The OBJECTIVE. Nothing here is happening by chance. The plans for North Africa and the Middle East are laid out in the Brzezinski/Bernard Lewis/PNAC doctrine. The first stage was to create what Brzezinski called "imperial mobilization" into the region, to establish a permanent international military presence — that was accomplished with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. At the same time, as Brzezinski said, in The Grand Chessboard (1997), that imperial mobilization would come hand in hand with the setting up of a police state structure in the west.
The next stage is to completely shred the region, bit by bit, nation by nation. This will be done through these collectivist, islamo-socialist regimes, that are meant to destroy traditional Muslim culture, create civil wars, and even regional wars, in the medium/long run.
In the end the whole area will have been deculturalized, wrecked, and broken up into many mini-states, which will be production hubs run by global agencies such as the IMF and the World Bank, and policed by international forces. In other words, the end of the nation-state, and the coming of a neo-feudalist system, run by international financiers, using international agencies as their enforcement arms.
This, of course, will not happen within a vacuum. During this period, many (real) terror and panic migrations will be exported into Europe, and the economic downturns caused by restlessness in the Middle East (particularly in oil prices) will cause the western economies to further collapse into a poverty, two-class status. These things will allow for the "order out of chaos" projection that was described in the 2006 "Strategic Trends Report", by British military intel.
It’s also the "great transition" that the UN and its many institutes harp on about. The complete end of the nation-state and its replacement with global and regional management bodies. Constant crisis and conflict, to allow for that transitional process. Economic, social, cultural standardization, of the entire globe.
In the end, a few decades from now, these boys expect to achieve their system of global governance, whereby local populations will be ruled by continental authorities who will, in turn, report to a worldwide body: a ‘world state’. It’s just the old project of a world society, of scientific socialism and high-tech feudalism, that was put forth by characters such as Hegel, Bentham, St. Simon and Lenin, and is now being carried out by monopoly capitalists.
People have to go keep wising up to the techniques being used, and denouncing them for what they are.Audio: Alan Watt’s talks, at http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com

In other words, behind the fall of pro-west Arab governments is alleged democracy protests, led by college aged kids, just like most progressive protests in the US and Europe. Behind those protesters in the Middle East stands an Islamic terror organization ready to seize political power… and behind those terror organizations, we find the individuals named above, all of whom were behind the election of Barack Hussein Obama in the United States.

International Marxists behind the Obama Administration are also behind the Middle East meltdown. Clinton and Obama claim that these protests are nothing more than democracy seeking youths tired of economic strife and ready for "change."

If this is true, then why is every nation being taken over by radical Islamic terror regimes, which have more than a thousand years of tyrannical history of being the most brutally undemocratic leaders on earth?

And if this is an organic uprising within the populations of these countries, why are these uprisings led by the same domestic Marxists leading the socialist revolution in America?

Last and Most Importantly

What is the purpose of this clear strategy to destroy and depose pro-western Arab regimes, led by American democratic socialists?

With nearly 15% of U.S. oil imports coming from the Arab counties, and Obama-Clinton throwing every pro-west Arab government under the bus and putting Islamic terror regimes in charge of the oil from that region, what should we expect next?

Clearly, the events unfolding in the Middle East were planned and ignited by pro-Obama forces here in the U.S. and abroad. It is not organic, and the only manner in which it relates to democracy is as Karl Marx said – Democracy is the road to socialism!

Never let a good crisis go to waste, especially when you work so hard to create the crisis. This is the ideology of Obama, Clinton, Piven, Ayers, Dohrn, Soros and all of their fans.
What happens when the U.S. is cut off from Arab oil? Can the shaky U.S. economy take another major blow like sky rocketing gas prices? And why did Obama agree to sell British weapons secrets to Russia in return for a new Start Treaty that is not in the best interest of the U.S.? Why is Obama-Clinton alienating every American ally in the world?

And when will the American people have seen enough?

JB Williams

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