Pro-life Americans, we must stand AGAINST the anti-life

Liberty Counsel

            Senator Barbara Boxer and other leftist legislators
            are saying that federal agencies do not
            fund abortions! This is a smoke and mirrors
            tactic right out of the playbook of the
            now-defunct 111th Congress. We must counter
            this deceitful tactic by supporting a critical
            vote in the House expected this week. See my
            urgent message below – Mat.

With amazing Leftist double-speak, Senator Barbara Boxer
(D-CA) took the podium at a recent press conference with several other Democrat Senators and declared,  "We’re not spending federal funds on abortions."

            She contends that subsidizing health insurance
            plans that cover abortion services is not "direct"
            federal funding of abortion. She implies that
            the proposed pro-life initiatives making their
            way through the house are partisan twisting of
            the facts.

Well, Liberty Counsel strongly disagrees with you, Senator Boxer. It is you and those who stand with you who are twisting the facts!

            Fact:  Our tax dollars subsidize Planned
            Parenthood, the largest abortion provider
            in the nation, operating under the guise
            of providing health care.

            Fact:  There are multiple "loopholes" in ObamaCare
            that allow taxpayer dollars to be used to fund

Those abortion loopholes and the unconstitutional mandates contained in ObamaCare are why Liberty Counsel has fought against this so-called healthcare "reform" since its inception.

Sadly, Senator Boxer’s rhetoric is simply designed to keep abortion readily available – and to defuse the momentum of several promising initiatives making their way through the House of Representatives right now.

++Critical ObamaCare "defunding" vote expected this week! 
As I wrote to you last Friday, the House of Representatives, under Speaker John Boehner, is advancing several initiatives that will stop taxpayer-funded abortions through ObamaCare – and in any other federal legislation! 

The House must consider a "continuing resolution" (CR) bill to fund the federal government from March to September. In that bill are proposed earmarks for the advancement of ObamaCare.

            House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)
            promises there will be no surviving funding
            for ObamaCare in the upcoming CR that is
            necessary to keep the government funded.

            Representative Steve King (R-IA) has also
            prepared language to defund healthcare "reform"
            which he plans to have added to the CR bill.

            Representative Denny Rehberg (R-MT), the Chairman
            of the Labor, Health, and Human Services
            Subcommittee which controls the purse strings
            for ObamaCare, has declared his intention to
            defund the bill.

            Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)
            has introduced a bill preventing the IRS from
            hiring the extra agents needed to enforce the
            individual mandate in ObamaCare. As you
            doubtless know, the IRS is slated to become
            the ObamaCare enforcement agency.


++Defund ObamaCare. Defend Life!

The time is short to tell our elected officials to defund this outrageous healthcare "reform" bill.  I am calling on the Liberty Counsel team to utilize our powerful Fax Barrage to tell our Representatives to DEFUND OBAMACARE

Even if you have already sponsored faxes on this issue, PLEASE consider ordering another set of faxes. This is a watershed moment in our struggle against ObamaCare and its taxpayer-funded abortion schemes.  Click here to schedule your faxes to Rep. Labrador and other key House leaders:

But that’s not all!  Two additional pro-life initiatives will soon have hearings in the House of Representatives…
            The "Protect Life Act," H.R. 358, introduced
            by Congressman Joe Pitts (R-PA), would
            prohibit any component of the ObamaCare bill
            from being used to subsidize or mandate
            abortion coverage.  It would also prevent
            funding from being withheld from institutions
            that refuse to provide abortions.

            Rep. Christopher Smith’s H.R. 3, the "No
            Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act," prohibits
            federal funds from being used for any health
            benefits coverage that includes coverage for

These new pro-life measures are the most promising that we’ve seen proposed in Congress since the dark day that ObamaCare was passed into law.  Best of all, they all have a good chance of passing!

        We MUST stand behind these pro-life legislators
        and their potentially historic pieces of legislation!
That’s why I need you to join with me NOW by scheduling your faxes to Congress! Liberty Counsel’s highly effective Fax Barrage will immediately deliver YOUR reminder to our elected representatives to discharge their duties – and do what we elected them to do!

++Tell our elected officials to vote "YES" to Defund
ObamaCare and "YES" to defend life!

Tell them that you endorse Joe Pitts’ measure, H.R. 358,
the "Protect Life Act."

Tell them you also endorse Christopher Smith’s bill,
H.R. 3, the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act."
The vote to defund ObamaCare is expected this week! We
must make our voices heard in Congress NOW! Everything
you need to fax Congress and make your voice heard is
contained in the link below. It only takes a minute!
Click here to schedule your faxes now:

Eliminating ObamaCare was among the highest citizen
mandates issued in the 2010 midterm elections. The
repeal initiative narrowly fell short in the Senate
after an overwhelming victory in the House. NOW it’s
time to DEFUND this healthcare disaster!  

            ObamaCare is immoral, unconstitutional, and
            WRONG for   America!  The RIGHT thing to do
            is defund it…NOW!

As pro-life Americans, we must stand AGAINST the anti-life
provisions in the ObamaCare law and stand FOR the
tremendous pro-life initiatives that will soon come
to a vote.  Go here to take a stand and order your faxes:

Thank you in advance for supporting this vital effort
to defund ObamaCare and defend life!  

God bless you,

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. I URGE you to send faxes now and tell our elected
officials to defund the anti-life, anti-family, anti-freedom
healthcare "reform" law – and to defend life!  Please,
go here:

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