King OBLABLA and Motown!!!

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I’m so sick of this guy partying all the time while our country is in such crisis and the world going thru such difficult time. It makes me think about Nero playing the violin while Rome burn. Obama spends us into oblivion and then goes partying and the media says noting about this.. Its just a joke. A complete and sick joke. He bankrupts America which is his plan from the beginning. You cant tell me he is doing anything for us as if he really cares what happens to America as long as it falls. He is purposely destroying America. This is why its so important to follow the constitution. The President must be a Natural Born Citizen. If we were to go to war against Kenya today for instance. Do you think we could trust the President to make good decisions? After all he is the commander and chief. What would be on his mind while we bombed Kenya.. He would be worried about his family. Brothers sisters, aunts uncles nephews, ect. So when you hear people say its don’t matter where he is born is bull. Where a person is born is very important, Its where your loyalties are.

Look at these headlines! do you read any outrage? Thing of Bush doing this.. LOL the would be screaming

  1. Michelle Obama Wears Metallics To ‘History Of Motown

    Michelle Obama stepped out to a student workshop event called "The Sound of Young America: The History of Motown" in the State Dining Room on Thursday ……obama-​history-of-motown… – Cached

  2. White House reverberates with Motown sound, moves

    WASHINGTON – The White House reverberated like a long-ago basement sound studio in Detroit on Thursday as the likes oJohn Legend, Seal, Jamie Foxx ..

  3. President Obama to host Motown concert at White House …

  4. The White House honors Motown rhythm and blues at invite-only concert Read more by staff on CBS News’ Celebrity Circuit.​10391698.html – Cached

  5. Obama Backers Given Singing Slots for Motown Bash | The Blog …

    Some of the performers at tonight’s White House tribute to Motown don’t seem to have much obvious connection to Motown. But they do have a connection: to …​obama-backers… – Cached

  6. Michelle Obama on Motown: as Motown Rose, So Did the "Forces …

    ABC News’ Sunlen Miller reports: Kicking off Motown day at the White House First Lady Michelle Obama said the lesson of Motown’s music is really a metaphor for …​02/michelle-obama… – Cached

  7. White House concert honors Motown sound in star-studded event …

    The White House grooved to the Motown sound Thursday night, with an all-star lineup performing some of the most memorable songs from the hit factory that …​obama.motown.sound/… – Cached

  8. Michelle Obama welcomes youths for Motown workshop

    WASHINGTON — The Motown sound is rocking the nation’s capital today as the White House pays tribute to the soulful soundtrack of young America. First …​110224035/Detroit… – Cached

  9. Was the Obama Administration Motown Event Insulting to Black …

    I have the interesting privilege of being on an email list owned by the White House. Whenever the administration holds an event that they believe​obama… – Cached

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