Economic Terrorism

Traitors to the Republic are in Our Midst

Eric Holder has been informed of something that could literally bring down the
American economy and to date, has done nothing.

This is the very same Attorney General of the United States that refuses to enforce established federal law, yet is neither removed from office, or even chastised in any significant way. He refuses to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, passed by Congress and signed by a Democratic President. President Obama supports that outright dismissal of federal law. Holder refuses to prosecute Black Panthers for openly intimidating voters at the poles, a clear violation of election law. President Obama has been silent on this dereliction of duty. The response from Congress has also been virtual silence.

On March 23, 2011 damaging and undeniable evidence of economic terrorism
was revealed on the Glenn Beck television show. Audio tapes of Stephen Lerner speaking
to union leaders in a closed door session, revealing a formal and detailed plan to bring
down J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, the New York Stock Exchange and the American
economy, beginning in May were exposed by Glenn Beck. Union money will be used,
but it was determined that they needed to hide the public face of union support in order to make it look like a grassroots rebellion from homeowners. Stephen Lerner even
cautioned about giving more details because “there might be police” in the audience.

Their plan is straightforward. Convince people of three things. One is that
America is not broke and in fact there is plenty of money. Two, the money is in the
hands of all those evil rich people and banks. Three, it’s “ours” and we need to get it
back by any means necessary.

Their approach is to get about 20% of homeowners, some who are upside down on their mortgages and in foreclosure, and some who are doing fine, but can be convinced that they have a right to refuse to pay their mortgages. Their theory is that if they can cause 20% of homeowners to refuse to pay their mortgages, they can bring the banks to the edge of insolvency once again, causing another financial meltdown.

A second track for this terrorist strategy is to pressure municipalities to force banks to
restructure their debt, dramatically lowering interest rates, or refuse to do business with them in the future. In both cases, the result would be a financial meltdown. The only beneficiaries of such a plan would be unions, who are rapidly becoming extinct, and those powerful progressive forces who want a reason to suspend the Constitution of the United States in order to quell the resulting chaos that would ensue following a second meltdown.

Worth noting is that Stephen Lerner is a longtime SEIU operative, specializing in
the banking and financial areas, and widely praised by such notable friends of President
Obama as Andy Stearn, former head of SEIU, and Richard Trumka, head of the
AFL/CIO, both of whom are among the most frequent visitors to the White House.
Stephen Lerner has also been a visitor to the White House on two occasions. Barak
Obama’s ties to SEIU are longstanding and profound. This latest revelation moves the
conversation from an unsightly political alliance to possibly a much more insidious
relationship. At a minimum, a deep, rapid and complete investigation by Congress of all
parties is required immediately to determine where the evidence of this terrorist plot

At a street level, all loyal Americans of any party or ideology who support our U.S. Constitution and our Republic, in light of these revelations, should loudly demand of
our representatives in Congress and the Senate to immediately move to a formal and very public investigation of SEIU, AFL/CIO, IEA, Stephen Lerner, Andy Stearn, Richard
Trumka and the Administration. No stone can be left unturned. It’s time to stop this
madness and expose the revolution to overthrow the United States of America that is
largely underway right now.

Caution every citizen you meet that when they hear, from any source, the following statements or declarations, they should regard them as part of this plot to being down the American economy. The plot is sponsored by powerful forces that connect to our federal government at very high levels. Openly expose these statements each and every time they are heard, from any source:

  • “America isn’t broke; there is plenty of money”
    • We borrow 40 cents on every dollar we spend today. That’s broke!
  • “The money is just in the hands of the wrong people, namely the banks and the evil rich people”
    • You may hate banks, but that doesn’t make that money “yours” to take.
  • “We need to get it back”
    • If you want money, get it the old fashioned way….EARN IT!

All three statements, challenged here, are part of a detailed plan sponsored by Stephen Lerner, SEIU and other powerful unions, to directly cause a second financial meltdown of our economy, resulting in chaos. It’s part of a direct attempt to overthrow the government and Constitution of the United States. It is overt, blatant and nothing
short of economic terrorism.

Education is power and this time, the stakes are high. Totalitarianism using Marxist doctrine and radical revolutionary tactics are close to becoming a reality. If the plot succeeds, Americans will quickly learn what oppression and slavery really mean.

On March 24th, 2011, on Glenn Beck, an audio tape that was nothing short of astounding and very scary indeed was revealed.  Attached, please see a summary and opinion by John Anderson on the information. 

We recommend you all go out to and look at the full transcript of the "Economic Terrorism" plot that is posted there.  It’s beyond surreal.

You can also see the full by the links below

Fox news Transcripts Economic Terrorism

Watch his episode on here is a link to his program on

Economic Terrorism

-3969306576E5C4C0FVideo Economic Terrorism part 1

-3969306576E5C4C0FVideo Economic Terrorism part 2

The word needs to be out there quickly and pressure applied to Labrador, who sits on the Government Oversight Committee, as well as Risch, Crapo and Simpson to push for a formal Congressional investigation or the appointment of a special prosecutor to take this matter up quickly.  They need to see if this Administration is complicit in this plot.

America can only be toppled from within. Face up to the fact that it is happening.

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