There was once a little boy. He built a sailboat

There was once a little boy. He built a sailboat. It was a beautiful little sailboat. He went
down to the creek behind his house to try it out. He put it in the water and it sailed perfectly.

As a matter of fact, it sailed so well that it drifted down the stream so fast that the little boy lost it. Some time later, he was walking by a pawn shop and saw his sailboat in the display window. He went in and told the shopkeeper that the boat was his. The shopkeeper, though sympathetic, said, “I bought the boat, and if you want it, you will have to buy it from me.” The little boy saved up all that he could earn, and he asked for a little more from his parents. Finally, he had enough to buy the boat. As he left the pawn shop, he was heard to say, “Little boat, you are twice mine. I made you and I bought you back.”

We have talked about Jesus being the Creator, or Maker. The Bible says that Jesus was working with God when everything in our universe was made. So, He was there when humans were created. Jesus, then, is the one who can say, “I made you.” Today, we want to discuss the fact that not only did He make us, but He “bought us back.”
Jesus is the one chosen to provide a way for humans to be God’s children. God wanted to be friends with everyone…to be the Heavenly Father of all humans. However, humans chose to disobey God and that is called sin. When we do bad things, we are following the example of the first humans, Adam and Eve, who disobeyed God.

Since humans sinned, and since God is always fair, our sin must be paid for in some way. There is a rule for all humans. It is, “No sin goes unpunished.” God made the rule, and even if you get away with sin while you are living, everyone must answer to God for all their unforgiven sins when they die. And, since God knows everything, He knows when we sin, and He remembers. (Isaiah 1:18, Psalm 103:12) Maybe we could think of it this way. If someone commits a crime…say they steal something…the law says that someone must pay the price for that crime. When the thief is caught, tried, and  sentenced to a prison term, she or he must serve the time in jail. What if someone offered to serve the time for the person who did the crime? That would make that generous person their savior. They would be saved from the punishment of living in prison.

When God knew that it was the right time, He sent Jesus, His only son, to earth to live with humans, set up a fellowship of Christians (the church), and become the payment for sin. Jesus died on a cross. He was crucified, for something He didn’t do. When He died, God said that it was enough to pay the price for all the sins that humans would ever commit. Jesus came to earth to be our Savior. He lived and died so that you would not have to pay for your sins.

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