Good Christian Bitc**s Set to Air


Christian Bashing T.V. Series Set to Air!!!

ABC will be launching this on the air very soon.

The title is so offensive to Christians and women that we cannot even print the full title in this email.

This is not a series that you would want your children or grandchildren to see.

ABC is set to launch a new T.V. series with the offensive title of GOOD CHRISTIAN BITC**S

What’s worse, we’re sure it will be shown primetime when children are home from school.

The show is not just offensive to Christians, it’s also degrading to women!!!


Please click here to sign a petition demanding ABC cancel this show.


The lineup for this production comes straight from the pits!

Darren Star an executive producer of sex-saturated shows like SEX IN THE CITY, 90210, and MELROSE PLACE is in charge of production. That guarantees this is going to be filth for children.

Alan Paol is the director of the series. He directed BIG LOVE, the H.B.O. series about a polygamist and his relationship with his three wives. Paol also directed the equally offensive T.V. series SWINGTOWN about a group of married neighbors involved in extramarital affairs.

Can you imagine ABC producing a series titled GOOD MUSLIM BITC**S or GOOD JEWISH BITC**S!? Never!

We must not let these kind of people influence our children and grandchildren. Everything they produce is morally degrading and sexually explicit.

We must stop them and we must stop them now!

Click here to sign the petition!

You Can Help Us Tell ABC to Cancel This Show

We’ve fought these battles in the past and won! And we will win this battle with your help. We can’t let them air this offensive T.V. show. It will only paint a deceptive, seductive picture for our children.

In the past we’ve won these battles with your help.

* You helped us force the M.P.A.A. to give ANTI-CHRIST an NC-17 rating.

* You helped us demand the state of Texas stop funding for the extremely violent feature film MACHETE.

* You helped stifle the distribution of HOUNDDOG that featured an underage rape scene.

And you can help us stop this one by signing the online petition today!

But we must stand up for our kids and grandkids. Please help us to do that.

ABC, a division of the Walt Disney Company, will present a pilot episode of GOOD CHRISTIAN BITC**S to advertisers in New York City this month (May).

We can stop this show from ever going into the fall lineup if we can convince the advertisers and ABC that there is no audience for the show.

Sign the petition today!

But we must send the message now! Once ABC secures advertisers this month, the show will air in the fall. Time is critical, and we must put the pressure on ABC, the Walt Disney Company and its advertisers.

Click here to sign the petition. We will let ABC and their advertisers know we won’t stand for this morally degrading T.V. series.

Only with your signature can we force accountability onto ABC and demand that they cancel this show.

Let’s show the executives at ABC we can stop this show as we’ve done before

Together you and I can do this.

You know how much we count on you.

Please sign the petition today. We must not fail.

God bless you and your family!

Yours in Christ,

Ted Baehr

PS: We can stop this program. Click here to submit your signature today before ABC secures advertising at the end of May.


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