FRIDAY 22, 2010 at NOON

Dear Tea Party Boise Members, Family and Friends,

As you know, a group of Senators known as the “GANG OF 6” have been working on a plan concerning our national debt. These Senators include Republican Saxby Chambliss (GA), Republican Tom Coburn (OK), Republican Mike Crapo (ID). The plan that they have proposed is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!

This plan includes steps to slow the growth of Social Security payments, and it cuts $500 billion from Medicare. Yes, you heard that correctly! Not only do we have Obamacare with $500 billion in cuts to our seniors, but now our elected officials want to cut $500 billion more. And that’s not all! They want to raise taxes! In addition, we are hearing that McConnell’s working with Reid on a proposal that allows the President to raise the debt limit without a prior vote from Congress.

These actions are not acceptable. We MUST stand together NOW to stop this! Senator Crapo needs to know that we did not make drastic changes in November of 2010 to sit back and allow him to do this! We need to work together to send a very loud and profound message. We are calling all Idaho patriots to stand together and make some noise! We need patriots to go to Senator Mike Crapo’s district offices on Friday, July 22nd at 12pm. This alert is one of the most critical alerts that we have ever sent. The message must be loud and clear. Bring your signs with your messages on them.

Senator Harry Reid is keeping the Senate in session over the weekend. There is no time to spare!

Tell Senator Crapo:

1.. We are opposed to the Gang of Six’s Plan.

2.. We do not support raising taxes!

3.. There should be no plan to raise the debt limit without a vote from Congress!

We will be with you marching forward, but we need your help now more than ever. Remember:

1.. Along with going to his district offices, you can make phone calls, fax, email, post things on facebook, tweet. Use whatever social media tool is available to you to get this message out loud and clear!

This affects us all!

Thank you for all that you do. God bless you and your family and God bless Idaho! Together we stand!

Below is a listing of Senator Crapo’s District Offices.

Washington, D.C.:
239 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Phone: (202) 224-6142 Fax: (202) 228-1375

Boise Office:

251 East Front Street, Suite 205
Boise, Idaho83702
Phone: (208) 334-1776 Fax: (208) 334-9044

Pocatello Office:
275 South 5th Avenue, Suite 225
Pocatello, Idaho83201
Phone: (208) 236-6775 Fax: (208) 236-6935

Coeur d’ Alene Office:
610 Hubbard Street, Suite 209
Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho83814
Phone: (208) 664-5490 Fax: (208) 664-0889

Twin Falls Office:
202 Falls Avenue, #2
Twin Falls, Idaho83301
Phone: (208) 734-2515 Fax: (208) 733-0414

Lewiston Office:
313 D Street, Suite 105
Lewiston, Idaho83501
Phone: (208) 743-1492 Fax: (208) 743-6484

Idaho Falls Office:
410 Memorial Drive, Suite 204
Idaho Falls, Idaho83402

Phone: (208) 522-9779 Fax: (208) 529-8367

Tea Party Boise, Inc | PO Box 2576 | Eagle | ID | 83616 |

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