OVERRULED! Parental rights

OVERRULED! Parental rights

Comments by Tom Munds

OVERRULED! DO you feel like you have not only lost control of your rights, your decisions and feel the government has encroached in every avenue of your life? I have and it has got to stop!

Ever notice how when entering into debates with others, there are some that still don’t see a problem with the increased size in government and the control they have taken without being given that authority?

Where did they get this authority to control and dictate the Inalienable Rights of man?
We have been successfully conditioned through government public schools, media and through the advertising of this propaganda!

Sure it is true that many  have neglected and become unwilling to take personal responsibility for our actions, by default increasing the size of government and this government has benefitted from the ignorance of man to enslave us, as all governments desire to do over time and the once independent people allow them to either "in the name of safety" or " its for the good of society" or "for the children!".

Do you suppose the people understand that by giving up their freedom they give themselves unto bondage or has the firm hold of Moral relativism allowed them to believe that being indebted to another is actually freedom?

I posted this video as a tool to try to get others to see the tragedy that occurs when others make our decisions, dictate our rights and sell us into slavery!

As I run for state legislature in 2012, I will stand firm and boldly declare when laws are repugnant to preservation of the freedom and liberty of the people!

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