Physical evidence introduced in today’s trial in GA



Below is a list of the physical evidence introduced in today’s trial in GA. As Obama did not appear, he was ruled ineligible to be on the Georgia ballot.

P2. Affidavit of Senior Deportation Officer with the Department of Homeland Security John Sampson, showing that Obama is using Connecticut SSN 042-68-4425 and stating, that there is no legitimate reason for him to use a Connecticut SSN, as he was never a resident of Connecticut

p3. Affidavit of Adobe Illustrator expert Felicito Papa, showing Obama’s alleged true and correct copy of his birth certificate to be a computer generated forgery

P4. Affidavit of witness Linda Jordan, attesting to the fact, that SSN 042-68-4425, used by Obama, does not pass E-Verify

p6. Selective service certificate showing Obama using SSN 042-68-4425 and official printout from Social Security Number Verification Services, showing that 042-68-4425 was never issued to Barack Obama, attached e-mail from Colonel Gregory Hollister

p7. Affidavit of Adobe Illustrator expert Felicito Papa, showing that Obama is using CT SSN 042-68-4425 on his 2009 tax returns

p9. Hawaiian birth certificate 61-00637 of Susan Nordyke, born a few hours after Obama in Kapiolani Hospital, looks completely different from alleged copy of birth certificate of Obama

p10. Passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, mother of Barack Obama, showing Obama listed in her passport under the name Barack Obama Soebarkah, attached affidavit by Chris Strunk, recipient of Obama’s passport records under FOIA

p11. Barack Obama’s Indonesian school registration card #203, date accepted January 1, 1968, released by the Associated Press in Indonesia, showing him using last name Soetoro and listing citizenship –Indonesia.


Patriot Rob Bleakney Wrote:

“We have a president who has openly refused to comply with a legal order of the judicial branch,” Van Irion told WND after today’s hearing before Administrative Law Judge Michael Malihi concluded in Atlanta. I’m sympathetic with Van Irion, but isn’t this incorrect? My understanding is that the legal order came from an administrative law judge, who is part of the EXECUTIVE branch in Georgia (under the Secretary of State), and this is why Obama’s attorney wrote a letter to GA’s Secretary of State after the administrative law judge rejected a motion by Obama’s attorney to quash a subpoena. A dispute may be developing between the executive branch of the federal government with the executive branch of a state government. This is still a serious constitutional matter, but it hasn’t yet gone before the judicial branch of government.


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