FEMA CAMPS EXPOSED, Obama Disrespects Court


The OBAMA-NATION – "He will corrupt those who have violated the covenant"


produced by PPSIMMONS Is this a part of the abomination (Obama-nation) that will cause desolation?


Obama backer arrested for death threats against Sheriff Joe


A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997

BirtherReport.com Leads to Arrest of Obot who Threatened to Kill Sheriff Joe Arpaio | Birther Report


“As long as I am an American citizen and American blood runs in these veins I shall hold myself at liberty to speak, to write, and to publish whatever I please on any subject.” – Elijah Parish Lovejoy(1802-1837)I am forced to moderate the comments at this site due to the Obama defenders constant por…


Susan Daniels Testifies in Atlanta: Obama’s Social Security Number is Fraudulent


http://ow.ly/8Hxwj – P.I. Susan Daniels Testifies that Obama’s Social Security Number is fraudulant in the January 26 2012 hearing in Atlanta Georga. This in…


Obama-No-Show at Trial – Sworn testimony reveals fake Social Security number, other gaps | Conservat


Georgia citizens today delivered sworn testimony to a court that Barack Obama is slam-dunk disqualified from having his name on the 2012 presidential ballot in the state, because his father never was a U.S. citizen, which prevents him from qualifying as a “natural-born citizen” as the U.S. Constitut…


Obama Disrespects Court, State, America, Constitution by Skipping Eligibility Hearing « « Expose Ob


One of the attorneys who fought a court case over Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court says he fears that even if the U.S. Supreme Court declared Obama unqualified,he’d simply ignore the ruling and continue issuing orders.


ObamaBallotChallenge.com Under Attack?


The web site has been down quite a bit since the Atlanta hearing, for which we apologize for. We are trying to get it fixed. So, please don’t give up on us. Keep trying.


Judge Malihi Denied Taitz’s Request for Obama’s Hawaii Records: Court Lacks Jurisdiction | Birther R


At least the fraud is put on notice that he must provide proof of his eligibility to be on the Georgia presidential primary ballot. Ignore that and we can only conclude that he has something to hide.And he better have a good case to prove that he is a natural-born citizen if indeed he was born in Ha…


The Dirty “little” Secret Of The Natural Born Citizen Clause Revealed, by Leo Donofrio, Esq.


Only a natural born citizen can legally be President of the USA. ”Obama” is not either. See: http://www.art2superpac.com/issues.html


thenationalpatriot.com » Blog Archive » OBAMA ELIGIBILITY COURT CASE…BLOW BY BLOW


Given the testimony from today’s court case in Georgia, Obama has a lot of explaining to do. His attorney, Jablonski, was a NO SHOW as of course, was Obama.


The Theory is Now a Conspiracy And Facts Don’t Lie


The Theory is Now a Conspiracy And Facts Don’t Lie, The Mistake, The Evidence, The Coverup, Constitution, Obama is NOT a constitutional president


Video: Woman Says “Avowed Muslim” Obama Not Prez; Santorum Doesn’t Correct Her « « Expose ObamaExpo


At a town hall meeting in Lady Lake,Florida,a woman said Barack Obama is a Muslim,ineligible to be president,violates the Constitution,and should be kicked out of office —and Rick Santorum did not correct her. The woman began:


Alex Jones, FEMA Camps – Military Drills in California


Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel on Jan 27, 2012 FEMA CAMPS EXPOSED: Alex presents newly exposed footage filmed at LAX airport in Los Angeles confirming a ‘re…


Massive US Troop Movements In California Raise Russian Concerns | EUTimes.net


A disturbing report prepared by the Ministry of Defense circulating in the Kremlin today states that Russian Military Officials were rebuffed by NATO




Andrew P. Napolitano joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in January 1998 and currently serves as the senior judicial analyst. He provides legal analysis on both FN…

Military tanks passing through San Jose.


Uploaded by crazyvegas on Jan 19, 2012 On 1/19/12, over 100 military tanks passed thru San Jose via railroad track. This particular spot is located on Monter…


# 1130 Germany to Phase Out Cash by August 2012


Germany To Phase Out Cash August 2012 http://beforeitsnews.com/story/1675/079/Germany_To_Phase_Out_Cash_August_2012.html


# 1129 Central Banks Trying to Eliminate Cash


Want you to use chipped cards instead, so they can keep track of you. Beware All, Central Banks Attempting to Outlaw Cash Transactions, Be Prepared! http://b…

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