Todays Outrage

NATO Promises to Put Koran Burners on Public Trial As Soon As Possible | The Gateway Pundit

Protests continued today over the koran burning incident at Bagram airbase earlier this week. Afghan men shout anti-U.S slogans during a demonstration in Jalalabad province February 22, 2012. Gunfire wounded at least 26 people during fresh protests in several cities across Afghanistan over the burni…

TWO MORE AMERICAN SOLDIERS MURDERED IN AFGHANISTAN – In another cowardly and appalling act in Afghanistan an afghani turned on two American officers and killed them in another day of violence sparked by the Taliban saying all foreigners should be killed because of a mistakenly burned Quran. These brave Americans were murdered inside the interior ministry in Kabul, thought to b…e one of the safest …places in the country. Our hearts and prayers go out to their families that are suffering. This is tragic….so is Obama still ok with apologizing to these savages? Where is their apology for our troops that have been murdered!
Why not put the murders on trial?
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