The Sinister New World Order with John Scura – 03.10.2012

Sinister NWO – 03.10.2012

John B. Wells was joined by journalist John Scura who discussed globalism as plotted by powerful bankers and business people who wish to end our national sovereignty. "For generations, they’ve had this vision of creating a one world government with a single currency and a single religion and so forth," he said about the agenda of the "puppet masters" running the planet. While such a unified Earth may sound benevolent, Scura asserted that the true goal is to achieve total control over the populace. "These people just want us all off their planet," he lamented, "they’ve got that kind of arrogance and ruthlessness about them."


Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: Then and Now

Japan has rebuilt within 11 months (from march 11, 2011 to Feb 9, 2012) since the worst earthquake and tsunami.

Media Cover-up Of Obama Impeachment Exposed!

The impeachment Of War criminal Barack obama has begun but the globalist controlled traitor media is blacking this huge news out.

Congressmen Walter Jones Starts Impeachment Process on Barack Obama 3/9/12

Link to H.Con.R 107: Finally someone has done what others have talked about for a long time! Starte…

World Government = Global Death!

The elites establishing world government have openly stated a plan to exterminate 6 billion people. The system is not run by people who are just corrupt, it …


Hal Lindsey Report (3.9.12) To see my Hal Lindsey Playlist, click here: _


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  1. John Smith says:

    Do you have contact information for John Scura—I could not find one , when I searched on-line.


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