wood chip sculptures

The Unique Wood-Chip Sculptures of Sergei Bobkov

By Spooky on May 28th, 2010 Category: Art, Pics


53-year-old Sergei Bobkov has patented a unique technique of creating amazing sculptures out of Siberian cedar wood-chips. “It’s not very interesting to do what others can. To create something out of nothing in a completely new way is far more inspiring”. This is how Sergei Bobkov explains the unique form of art that he created. He says many people compare his artworks to taxidermy, because they both look so much like the animals they replicate, but Sergei believes they are as different as light and darkness. Whereas taxidermy is all about death, his wood-chip art symbolizes life.

This resident of Kozhany, Russia , has developed his very own technique, that prevents wood-chips from fallingapart in time. After creating about 100-150 chips, from 2-3 inch long cedar stick, he puts them in water for several days. Then, making use of his surgical precision, he carves the chips into any shape he needs. Sergey has been doing this for some time now, but he has only created 11 wood-chip

sculptures. That’s because just one of these incredible artworks takes around six months to complete, at a work rate of 10 to 12 hours a day, with no days off. Sergei Bobkov focuses on wildlife creatures, and he studies their anatomy for months, before starting work on a sculpture. Even though he was offered $17,000 for his wood-chipeagle, Sergei’s Bobkov declined, saying his art is not for sale.

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2 Responses to wood chip sculptures

  1. Wow-amazing art & what patience it must take to do this-a truly gifted artist-I know am one also but not good as this!
    Joe M.

  2. n7qvc says:

    Yup pretty awsum work

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