John Stossel’s “Illegal Everything”

If you missed John Stossel’s “Illegal Everything” two weeks ago, then here it is

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With the death of Breitbart last week, two weeks ago seems like forever.

Two weeks ago, Fox News broadcast a show featuring John Stossel called Illegal Everything. The stuff they showed was government at its most ridiculous, most inane bureaucratic worst. Children stopped from selling lemonade was the least of the idiotic cases of government excess.

This crap has got to be stopped, and hopefully November 2012 will be a part to the reversal.

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1 Response to John Stossel’s “Illegal Everything”

  1. John Crum says:

    I am John Crum I love ur point of view I too am a libertarian and it think that anarchy is
    the view that we can do anything we want to do as long as it doent hurt anybody else.

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