Barnie Needs His Master. So Do We

THE NATURAL WAY “Barnie Needs His Master. So Do We.” by Janice Stramel

The little fellow presses his nose onto the sliding glass door. He relies on his ears and nose now; his eyesight is gone. Gone with the diabetes. And his body is riddled with old age and his short legs can no longer deal with a long, heavy body. The elderly dachshund senses someone is approaching. He gets excited and apprehensive. Maybe it’s his master. His paws click across the floor over to the other door as he hears the key in the lock. One sniff and disappointment sets in. It’s only that neighbor man that arrives regularly to put food in the dish and turn him outside for a spell. Barnie howls mournfully. Gives a bark or two to express his disgust. The neighbor is nice, but he’s just not the master. Where is the master? And for that matter, where is the mistress of this house? Always faithful and loyal. Always there for his every need.

Poor little dog has no understanding of the situation. Mistress is in ICU at a Boise hospital. Master is tending to her. Neighbor comes several times daily to tend to him. Dog waddles around outside on the patio after eating. Still sniffing around trying to find the scent of Master. His brown, dachshund nose bumps the step, the concrete, the wall, the grass, the tires on the truck. No Master. No Mistress.

It makes Neighbor sad to see his distress. He thinks of how we are like Barnie when we don’t have a Master. We wander around in the dark, howling and barking, searching for that someone or something to fill up our emptiness, our loneliness. We can’t see the truth. Our minds aren’t big enough to understand all our Master is doing. And unlike the little dog’s master, our Master never leaves us for any reason. He is always with us. We just can’t see Him. And sometimes we don’t hear Him. And even sadder yet, we don’t even know Him. We ignore His words of comfort. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest….I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:28-29). Find rest, all of you. For only Christ can relieve your burden.

(Barnie’s master came home one evening. Barnie gave a joyous bark and howl complete with furious tail-wagging. Finally he went over to his spot, laid down, and went peacefully to sleep. See! That’s what happens when you hear Master open the door.)

For comments or questions regarding this column contact Janice at Christian Counseling Services, 100 S. Iowa Ave., Fruitland, ID, 208-452-4378, jstramel.

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