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Photos that make you go — AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Baby penguin meeting a baby dolphin A firefighter giving a kitten oxygen This baby owl A turtle the size of a grape A tiny pygmy hippo eating lettuce An embarrassed walrus A cat with a permanent top hat A baby … Continue reading

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50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

The Economic Collapse Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?   Even though most Americans have become very frustrated with this economy, the reality is that the vast majority of them still have no … Continue reading

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Better than Maxine

Better thanMaxine Doesn’t need to be snopes verified. ***Patiently Waiting for Him***

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No longer just theories: The top 10 conspiracy facts of 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of (See all articles…) Learn more: (NaturalNews) 2011 was the year in which many conspiracy "theories" became conspiracy FACTS. Articles that used to earn you a tinfoil … Continue reading

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IF EVOLUTION IS FACT In regards to RNA/DNA – could you please explain the problem of Chirality? Although Miller and Urey formed amino acids in their experiments in 1952 – all the amino acids that formed lacked chirality. It is … Continue reading

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Extraordinary photos

The world’s highest chained carousel, located in Vienna, at a height of 117 meters. Thor’s Well a/k/a "the gates of the dungeon" on Cape Perpetua, Oregon. At moderate tide and strong surf, flowing water creates a fantastic landscape Emerald Lake … Continue reading

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Nativity Scene – So Cute!!

A Nativity Scene was erected in a church yard. During the night the folks came across this scene. An abandoned dog was looking for a comfortable, protected place to sleep. He chose baby Jesus as his comfort. No one had … Continue reading

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I will be making a conscious effort to wish everyone a Merry Christmas this year … My way of saying that I am celebrating the birth Of Jesus Christ. So I am asking my email buddies, if you agree with … Continue reading

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Take time to listen to the song at the bottom of this message. It might cause you to slow down, shop a little less and give real thought to this Holiday. About the Song While at the mall a couple … Continue reading

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Prophetic Trends & Headline News

The beginning of Sorrows.2011 Bible Prophecy being fulfilled! Dead cows, fish, birds, Soldiers. Where is the United States in Prophecy? The Isaiah 9:10 Prophecy: Is U.S. Under God’s judgment? Military Given Go-Ahead To Detain US Terrorist Suspects Without Trial U.S. … Continue reading

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